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I'm going to buy this laptop
Hello all.
I'm new.

So I was planning to buy this laptop:

And this is a page on its Graphics Card:

Now i wanted to ask before buying,will this laptop play games like Kingdom Hearts and FFXIII?

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for FFXIII, you'll need a PS3
for kingdom hearts, it'll be ok, if you keep native res (the GPU's a bit low) and use some speedhacks (the CPU is a bit low too).
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Yes sorry typo,I meant FFXII.
So in short the games will be playable?
What do you think the average FPS will be?
Not under 45 I hope
I think that you'll get over 45fps. You could even get as much as 60fps on native res with speedhacks, but don't expect it during more intense scenes. Not bad, just don't expect the best and you'll be happy.

That laptop appears to be sold out...
I see.
Yes well I'll just have to wait for them to restock wouldn't I?
Thank you.
You could expect the about same PCSX2 performance (better GPU) from this laptop, but at half the price. Smile

Sorry if your location is an issue on this one. I just had to post this, if not for your sake, then for anyone looking for a laptop to emulate PS2 with. It's probably the cheapest laptop ($675) that can still handle PCSX2 decently. A Core 2 Duo at 2.5Ghz and a graphics card that closely resembles a desktop 8600GT (IIRC).
I would buy it but I've never heard of Acus before.It doesnt operate here Smile

Hmmm so guys tell me , is the graphics card on the laptop,that I'm going to buy, the limiting factor?
Like take a look at this.
Its the same laptop with the same graphics card but with an Intel core i3 2.26 GHZ and a bit cheaper.
Will it affect the performance of PCSX2?
Yes, it will affect performance. Usually, the CPU is the limiting factor. With graphics cards, you basically need enough and anything more is only going to allow higher resolutions. Most games are found to be more CPU demanding, as the speed of the games is most affected by the speed of the processor. A lower clock rate will generally give slower performance.

As for that HD 5470, I could see it limiting the speed of some games. It has a bit of a small bus width and a relatively low shader count. Of course, it's a much better choice than an intel GMA 4500M. Smile

BTW - As far as I've ever known, seen or read, ASUS is a good, reputable brand. One of the best IMO.
(08-18-2010, 10:53 PM)Rezard Wrote: a relatively low shader count

shaders are not needed for pcsx2 only pc games use them
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They're not the important spec for PCSX2, just making a general statement of what's weak about the HD 5470. All other aspects are rather good on the card. To be more specific, the bus width is what could hinder PCSX2 performance, while [i]both[/b] are where it falls short in general (for PC games, if you will).

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