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I'm having the urge to randomly kill a lot of people on the street
Which graphics card should I get to play Saints Row 3 smoothly at max settings?

I heard that AMD cards have driver issues with this game.

Thanx : 3
[Image: 53146021.jpg]

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It depends on what level of settings you're after,
and what kind of screen it will be on (res, refresh).
Your budget kind of means a lot, too.

LMAO @ your thread title.
It had me going for a second.
I'm not quite sure it's too good of an idea, though... :\
Anything really.
I get 30-ish with a 4670, and it sucks.

All depends on what you're willing to pay.
[Image: 1817164.png]
E8400 @ Stock, 4GB DDR3-1066, XFX HD4670, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
E5700 @ 4GHz, ASUS P5Q-EM DO, 2GB DDR2-1002, Coolermaster Elite 460W
all cards have issues with this game in its current form.
I am going to build a new Ivy Bridge gaming rig w/ ~$1500, but keep the old monitor which is a beautiful AOC e943Fw (18.5" max res 1366x768 @60Hz).
[Image: 53146021.jpg]
You're gonna have a hard time going wrong on that budget.
You should be spending no less than $200 for you GPU, after all.

That means you should be getting a GTX 560 at the very least.
If even that has any trouble,
then there's definitely something wrong with the game.

I'm seeing talk of nVidia's Keplar hitting shelves on March 23rd,
and you really would be able to afford one of those.

I really do think you'll have a hard time going wrong,
especially comparing your budget to your needs. Smile
I still can't decide between nVidia and AMD/ATI (since nVidia doesn't have any PCIe 3.0 cards at this moment, I'm leaning towards AMD), Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit (which's better for PCSX2?)
I wanna play newest PC games and PCSX2 as well (having delayed building a new PC twice, skipped both Nehalem and Sandy Bridge), now I have a somewhat big budget : 3
[Image: 53146021.jpg]
because pcie3 matters outside of compute.....
nVidia GTX560 or AMD Radeon 6850.
GeForce > Radeon
That's my opinion.

I wouldn't worry about who had PCI-E 3.0 cards out first.
It's not like the moment one comes out,
all other cards become inadequate, and out-dated. ;P

FYI - nVidia's new gen3 cards are very near their release...
(and I think it's for real this time! lol)

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