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I need clear game save for Growlanser 6
I know I should be posting the the thread for that but my post there(when I request something)are usually ignored since I often fill request there and most people will think..."he filled some request again so no need to look at the thread"

So if someone have the game and have a clear game\new game + save,can he\she upload it(I lost my save long time ago)

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there is one save here but i don't know if it will do u any good:-
I know about it but it's not Clear Game\New Game+ save.
if u can't find a save then i guess u have to play the game again
I am going to play it again but I don't want to start it normally(from lv 1 with nothing)...and I don't want to use cheats(that will make it boring)
I assume this is for the Japanese version? I used this site every now and then to get ps2 saves when I couldn't find unlock cheats but it seems to be down now. The ps3 page is still up so maybe it's temporary. Did you try googling keywords like グローランサーVI セーブデータ or will you be playing with an english walkthrough?
i am guessing he is using the american version but the available save is for the japanese version

i have an idea for u. if u cheat in the game then it will be completed quicker. just teach some friend of yours how to play the game and enable the cheats. when your friend finishes it take the save for clear game
Yes,the Japanese version.
I just checked that site but I didn't find growlanser save.
I'll probably use walkthrough if I can't remember what I'm I supposed to do next(it was long time ago the last time I played the game)

The game is JP only,it doesn't have any other version nor have English patch

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