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I need some help
I asked Bositman if I'm allowed to post this or not and he said yes Laugh Thanks.

So here goes nothing. The place where I buy my mangas is having a competition in which you have to post your collection to their wall on Facebook and whoever gets the more "Likes" on their picture wins a discount of 200 RON next time they buy from them. That's 61.4308 US$ or 47.0553811 Euros according to Google it's pretty good money, especially if you take into account that it's free. It ends on August 14th.

Now I don't really know how could I compensate those who decide to vote for me, but I could make you guys icons like these for your games and/or dock. I know version 0.9.6 can run games from a shortcut if the command line is set up properly, but I don't know if it works with the latest beta. (Though if you want I'll make one for you even if you don't vote, it's not like it takes me a day to make them)
[Image: Untitled-1_7.jpg]

It also takes about 2 minutes to do it and you'd be helping me out a lot.

The only thing you need to do is to visit their Facebook page here -> Click

Click on "Like", than go view my entry and click on "Like" again there too. -> Click

Just in case, here is the picture that needs to be voted.
[Image: 37732_137460322951232_100000617943487_24...7880_n.jpg]


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