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Info on history of PCSX2?
Hi all;

First, I want to say my heartfelt thanks to the magnificent people who have made PCSX2 what it is today. Having been into emulation for MANY years, this is one of the finest pieces of software I've seen written, emulation related or otherwise. So thanks again!

Now onto my question. Is there anywhere I can look for a history of the emu? Or can anyone fill in some of the blanks on the emu's history? For example the date work started on it, how people came together to make it a reality, major obstacles, major breakthroughs, where the emulator goes from here, etc? I'm FASCINATED by this kind of stuff, I guess it's the tech geek inside me. Any and all information would be very appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

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I believe there's a wiki.
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Heh, you're absolutely right. Thanks for the tip!
The wiki doesnt go in to great detail, but in light of this thread, i thought id pen a few things down for you Smile
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Hi refraction!

Thanks so much, an excellent read! Appreciate the effort, good stuff!

Cheers! Smile

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