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Ingame vs playable status
There is a new thread(and rather than asking questions there I ask here)about reporting game compatibility but how can you tell if a game is ingame or playable.

You can't be 100% sure that a game is playable if you haven't played the whole has to be always with ingame status until some beta tester(or someone else)clear the whole game.

It make work for the first 5-10 hours and then reach to a point that the given status "playable" becomes "ingame"

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So, you need to play through the whole game. It could be possible that a playable looking game might become suddenly Ingame. Tongue2
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In most cases when a game is stable for a couple of hours, it is stable till the end. You are right that you can't know until you have cleared the whole game for sure, but crash points in such deep points of games are very rare.

So, if you've tested a game and been in all/most different scenes it has (ingame,videos,menus,etc) without having anything game breaking, we call it playable. Now that we have opened this to public we will have input from so much more people, so I believe we will have several people reporting after having finished their game to 100% Smile
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So if there is a bug but you can pass it by special option(or software mode),this is also considered playable right.

It's not playable only if you can in any way go from 'new game' to 'end credits'
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well what about the crashes caused by corrupted or Pirated ISOs how you're going to identify that ?

the game might be playable but the user just messed up Tongue
Yes but there are a lot of other users who will report the game working Wink
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(08-09-2012, 03:01 PM)Bositman Wrote: Yes but there are a lot of other users who will report the game working Wink

well that's not accurate much
if a Beta tester don't have the game it's probably not popular enough to have more than 1 user taking the problem for reporting

( not like it's ultra hard but you know they just want to play Tongue )
It is accurate enough, that's all we care about Tongue
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