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Inquiry about ripping PS1 CDs
Did you guys copy your PS1 discs to ISO files without problems at all? I'm just asking because back when i did that for my old games, i couldn't.
Every program i tried that saw the discs either froze or just didn't recognize it. Until i put them in an older DVD reader that worked with an IDE cable instead of SATA.

What are your thoughts on this? Mellow

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the dvd drive being IDE or SATA shouldn't matter but try using clone cd or imageburn to rip your games
most DVD and CD readers aren't good at reading subchannel, while DVDRW's tend to be fine.
riku44 went completely off topic for that matter. Tongue

Squall: there's the catch though. My DVDRW compartment failed, so did my brother's. I had to resort to my mom's old desktop that still had a CDRW on it that worked with an IDE cable. Perhaps old CDs can only be properly read by old devices?
what brand was the CDRW?
(04-17-2012, 10:15 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: what brand was the CDRW?

Hm. Can't tell without opening the case, there's not a single marking on the front. Can't see anything through the side window either. I'll have to check hardware through windows.
Aw crap. I forgot we threw that thing away in someone else's computer >.<
riku44 went completely off topic for that matter. Tongue

my bad
just ripped my copy of Soul Reaver with my TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633F ATA disk drive (which is a newer drive)+^_^+ using IMGBURN+^_^+ i don't have epsxe to try it on though+^_^+
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