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Interested in getting a new laptop to enjoy the PCSX2 =3
Big Grin 
Yo everyone! I'm sure you get these questions a lot but I just want to make sure before I start buying something that won't get the job done. I'm a laptop kind of person so I'm definitely gonna get one. I just want to double check with the experts.

I've already checked out the specs needed to run it and I'm just making sure its going to be up to par.

I was wondering should I get a processor (with turbo boost of course) that's a i5 or i7? I heard the emulator only uses two cores so would i7 be necessary? Or will it improve to performance?

Also about the gfx I was thinking about getting a laptop with a Geforce 540m with optimus or a Geforce 520?

Basically I just want a laptop that can run games ( like Kingdom Hearts and dot Hack etc) smoothly. I don't want it perfect but enough for me to enjoy the game. If you guys could help me I'd gladly appreciate it!

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Get an i5 or i7 that can reliably turbo to 3.2ghz or better.
The gpu would have to be decent enough and somehow "540m" doesn't sound decent'ish to me Tongue2
Ha thanks for the help but all the laptops I'm looking at doesn't look like they can be clocked to 3.2ghz or more. I see 2.9ghz but nothing higher D:

and a 540m won't cut it? >.<
Let's discuss "cut it", and what is enough to do so in your opinion.

If not always concerned with having higher resolution, a GT 540M will actually make the cut more often than not. It's not bad, just not always that great.

With the CPU, just get a 2nd gen Core i5 or i7 with the highest clockrate (or Turbo Boost) you can. Most hit speeds of 2.5Ghz or more, and that should be enough for the more compatible games like Kingdom Hearts (using some Speedhacks when needed).
Your best bet is probably something like the HP dv6t, which can be customized with an i7-2620M @ 2.7GHz. Note it ends with "M" not "QM" so it's not quad core. As for the 540M, only get that if you there's no option for a cheaper 525M, because you will not notice a difference in any game. The main difference is extra VRAM which you don't need, even for regular PC games. I doubt you'll get 2x resolution in all but the least demanding PS2 games.
Alright, thank you guys so much for helping me!
You don't need to avoid quad cores, just don't value them over higher clocks if you're looking for the absolute best you can manage for PCSX2.

For example, the 2620M (TB @ 3.2Ghz) would most likely prove a bit faster for PCSX2 than the 2630QM (TB @ 2.8Ghz). But the 2720QM would easily be a better choice for performance all around, not lacking with PCSX2, either (potentially a tad better, even).
I see, Rezard your like the PCSX2 god man thank you! I'm looking at HP series notebooks. I was wondering should I get the i5 with turbo boost up to 2.9ghz or throw in 200 more bucks for the i7 which boosts up to 3.4ghz? Is 5 ghz worth the 200?

Also I see that they can come with a Radeon HD 6770m. I'm looking at this notebook checking site, at the gpu and the 6770m sure sounds like a more appealing choice.
Well, the i5-2410M would actually only be able to run @ 2.6Ghz, since that "Max Tyrbo Boost" is usually that possible with a single-threaded app (not PCSX2). This isn't too bad, and should compare to that of a Core 2 Duo @ 3.0Ghz or so.

The i7 with a max boost of 3.4Ghz? Would that be the i7-2820QM? Cause I'd say that's worth the extra $200 for PCSX2 use. It's actual max boost with PCSX2 would be 3.3Ghz, which would be another 700Mhz on the latest Core i architecture. Worth it. Smile

The GT 540M and HD 6770M aren't too far apart, considering both GDDR5 capable. I'd figure the Radeon to probably come out on top, but this will mostly just amount too even higher resolution, since the GT 540M already should handle higher than native with most every case.
BTW I wouldn't pay much too attention to turbo boost speeds, you may be hitting 90C load temps with it enabled. Could be just certain laptops or models, I didn't bother reading too much into it. PS2 emulation is not a high priority for my laptop Smile

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