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Is it dangerous?
Hello,everyone.I have a very simple question.

I want to know,if having a ps2 game(that is an original copy) in the cd/dvd rom drive of my pc and emulating it without making an iso is dangerous.I mean,is it possible the disc to not be read by the original ps2 after that ?
Can the disc broke or something like that?

If yes,can these things also happen if I just make an iso of my game?

I am asking these things because my FFX has a problem summoning Anima in ps2.Sometimes it freezes at the overdrive for some seconds.

Sorry for my English.

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Well it might wear down the disc over time, but it is unlikely. I would still suggest making an ISO image of your game so you get really faster loading times and no spin up/spin down noise all the time.
PS2s are known to have problems reading various discs, mainly because of the usual laser problems almost all models have.
After you do an ISO of your disc, the disc can't get damaged since you won't be using it at all? Tongue
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Just use an image of your original disc, you should be fine. It's safer than using the original disc and plus you won't stress your DVD ROM drive.
[Image: pibjimh9rqzvk1yz5kl.jpg]

So,my ffx disc is ok and the problem of freezing is caused by ps2's lazer?is there a way i can fix this?like cleaning up the lazer with something?
it is physicaly imposible to destroy disc with a drive set to only read from it ( unless your drive is broken and it shoots disc with the speed of light at the walls or small animals or it scratches the discs ). Only writing to disc could make the old data overwriten and the game would be broken, but PC dvd writing programs always check if disc is empty or not and if it isint then it just wont write anything on it.

also 3 seconds on google:
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
Ok guys,thanks for the help.For a moment i feared that i have broken my ffx disc.Thank God it's alright.I tried it on a friend's ps2 and it's ok.I guess I'll have to clean the laser.

Thanks again.

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