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Is there any PS2 chips images?
I don't know if this question fit this category. I'm interesting if any PS2 chips die photos exist? Do anyone use them to restore original PS2 logic, and if not - why this is so?

There are currently few projects that work on restoring loginc from NES ans Genesis chips (

We are send PS1 chips to decapper to take photos of those chips and then restore their circuit logic.

Are there projects like this exist for PS2? I think it will be easier to implement emulator logic without hacks if we can fully understand original transistor logic.

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The problem with transistor logic in emulators, is it is exceptionally slow, i mean to a painful level. PS2 emulation is proving to be taxing even for modern machines, so to do this at a transistor level (which would be very difficult to optimize) would grind to a halt and be very very difficult to find bugs in the code. Not to mention the fact the Emotion Engine (PS2 main cpu) has 10.5 million transistors, this alone would take years of coding.

Interesting project none the less.

The closest thing i could find to the shot of the die is this picture which isn't detailed at all:
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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