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Jak 3 on PCSX2 R1888!!!!!
Hey guys I just downloaded the latest SVN Revision of PCSX2 (Which is R1888) and got Jak 3 working Graphics & Sound! There are some graphical glitches and I guess no matter how good my hardware I wont be able to fix it...unfortunately, but this revision is an extremely great improvement over PCSX2 0.9.6 because Jak 3 did not play at all on that version, in fact I bet the whole Jak & Daxter series for the PS2 is compatible and working with this revision and if not probably it will in the next release, or beyond.

here is the link to the video on YouTube.
Jak 3 on PCSX2 R1888

Also dont mind the japanese language I recorded it before I was able to somehow get into the language settings and change that...though I still dont realize how that could have happend.

And here are some screenshots on Flickr
Jak 3 Title Screen
Jak & Daxter
Jak & Daxter jumping in Survival Training Exercise

I had uploaded them in 1080p, but Flickr reduced the resolution to 1024x576, so I am sorry for the lack of quality. Also does anyone have any idea how daxter's right eye is missing!?!

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