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Just me, or.. ?
Wouldn't really call this an issue, but i wanted to know where i stand.

Sometimes the emulator becomes.. dodgy when it comes to moving the window around. And by that i mean, it stalls.

To illustrate: I'm not sure what causes this to happen. If i try to move the window of the game, it will move a few pixels and then it will become "partially unresponsive", unable to be mini/maximized while still being able to interact in the game; i cannot pause it through the emu though, escape won't work.
After a few seconds, the loading cursor comes up for a little before the window becomes responsive again, yet prone to triggering another stall session if moved. Sometimes, the same issue occurs for the emulator's main and console windows, but not always. Not when the game window has stalled anyway.

Only way i know to fix this is to restart the emulator. Has this happened to anyone else as well?

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do you have windows 7?? if you press "start" right click on "computer","windows experience index","adjust visual effects"...and whats next I dont remeber...but there is an option which turns off the the..damn how can I say..the window stays at its position but your still dragging you can see of the outlines..damn! I didnt explain that very well o_O
[Image: PCSX2giorgakis132-2.png]

Thanks Silver112 for the sig! ^^


I love violins Tongue

If I understand you correctly,it's probably because the cpu\gpu is doing a lot of works right now and when you are moving the window,it does even more work(to display the content while moving the window)

I think this was happening to me too(and on other programs)and I think that was the reason I started to use the option(actually disable the option)

Right click on the desktop=>Properties=>Appearance=>Effects=>disable "Show window content while dragging"
This is on Windows XP,I don't know where the option is in Vista\Win7

Using programs that claim to reduce the memory usage can also give such effect when they move the currently "unused" ram into the pagefile.
giorgo: you might want to dust off your english a bit, you got lost bad. Laugh

vsub: never had such a problem before, anywhere. And i only recently started having it through the SVN builds. Now, don't get the wrong idea, i don't imply that rama broke something Tongue
It's just quite odd, this whole thing. Sometimes, it appears the emulator is struggling for attention as the sound stutters and the framerate goes from 60 to 40 and back up. That bit is solved by clicking its window and then getting back to what i was doing. But the stalls i sometimes get, i can't really explain those.

I use CheatEngine on pcsx2 quite a lot, thanks to the savestates which also preserve memory positions, allowing me to cheat effortlessly without using the patch system (which i don't understand a single bit of). It COULD be the reason these little issues have been popping up, but so far, after months of usage, the only thing i've broken is firefox's plugin container.
So.. what kinda PC ya got, anyway?
Ever monitor your system's resources when this happens?

I think giorgakis132 was talking about the system performance settings.

(Windows 7)
Go to Control Panel.
Click on System.
Then click on "Advanced system settings" on the left.
On the next window, click on "Settings..." under Performance.

That's where you can adjust Windows "Visual Effects".
Maybe setting "Adjust for best performance" would help. Smile
Nah. Not a performance issue. I'm really OCD when it comes to keeping unnecessary things from running when they're not supposed to, so i'm qualified to know when my PC is crawling. I'm on a quad core at 3 ghz, AMD phenom II. Ati radeon HD4890, 4GB DDR3 1066mhz, running on an SSD.

It's not a performance issue. If it were, i would be having this weird issue all the time, not just "occasionally and completely out of the blue". Makes sense, doesn't it?

If i'm allowed to give this a name, i'll call him Hiccups. Cause that's what it feels like. I'd pet him, but i fear my doing so would slightly move him and cause him to stall.
First of all what game are you referring to and does this happen to every game you've tried? Secondly, is the game located or save on your ssd drive or a regular hdd? If your game is located on a ssd then switch it over to the regular hdd and vice versa and see if the issue resurface.
So far, it has happened twice when playing Monster Hunter and about 5 times on Rogue Galaxy. The emulator is on the SSD and my games are saved on my secondary HDD. If you're thinking it may be a disk performance problem that's gonna make this rare stalling occurrence go away, well, i doubt it.
There's no way the emulator is suddenly "going heavy" on the disk, as doing so would imply that it's the game causing it, thus it wouldn't be a rare sight and would be carried on by savestates; non of which are true.

So, toodles Tongue
DirectX dumps the frame and reconstructs it when the window is moved i believe......
(03-09-2012, 05:49 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: DirectX dumps the frame and reconstructs it when the window is moved i believe......

If that's the case, could it be that there's a minor glitch occurring for some special reason that causes it to hang for a short while?

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