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Just some clarification to the MOD with the easy close button trigger
If you care enough to read, i already stated that i possess the original game for Europe (PAL), however i am unable to run it into my computer (hence the emulator).

Browsing here and there i heard that the american version works on the emulator, hence i downloaded it. I don't see how can this be warez as i paid for the game, i am just trying to find a way to make it run on my computer.

If its the pal version i would be rather happy, but since i am good enough with the english i don't mind to get some help to run at least the american version, even if i don't possess that game, i bought the european so i don't see the problem.

So before accusing someone of warez at least have the decency of checking the posts. And if all this serial thing was just to check if i possess the original game, you could have all just ask it since the beginning, i would have posted a good pic with the origianal game, and my personal profile of this account as evidence, saving my and your time.

Thanks for the time tho, i will seek help elsewhere.


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You own the PAL version, use it.
You donwloaded a Game you don't own, that's piracy.

I'm pretty sure this is understandable even for someone like you.
Next time, erase that dled iso,turn your PS2 DVD into an iso, and everything will be fine.
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