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Lame Irc Thing
despites my limited knowledge regarding the ms visual studio environment,
, after diving into pcsx2 source code, I wanted to suggest few changes .
So when I read the FAQ:

Quote:You want to help us as a developer:
[...] The best way for contacting us is to simply drop in the pcsx2 irc channel and look for a team member.

Well I never used much Irc , or Mirc. It's annoying when you go in the "pcsx2" channel, when I click on any member names, and type a message, they don't seem to answer , so I'm not even sure that the mirc is working at all. Not mentioning that all the options in Mirc are quite confusing:
Control, CTCP, CTP, slapping , ping, or whatever ....

Anyway, I posted at end the changes I wanted to suggest in the issue section at google code. I'm not sure that every comments are read.
Google code doesn't allow to know who is "starring" an issue.
I guess I should be just patient.

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