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Laptop For Uni
Hey guys, thought I should ask here as well, see if anyone can help out. Sorry if it is too off topic.

Anyways, I'm going to Uni in about 7 months and was thinking of getting a laptop to take with me, saving me having to unplug my computer and lug it back and forth (Which won't be too fun if I decide to take a train home for holidays)

I need suggestions for a good laptop that can run the following programs;
Unreal Developers Kit (udk)

I will be doing a Games Design course, so it will most prob be a gaming laptop.

If you need to know a budget, the lovely parents will be buying it Happy. Probably the last expensive thing they will ever need to buy me. Even though I tend to not ask for much. So money shouldn't be a big concern, but try to give cheap options if possible.

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that is all of my opinion.
[Image: 8rg00e-4.png]
(02-03-2012, 03:03 AM)thatwasonce Wrote: Sager.

that is all of my opinion.

Any specific Sager? (Besides the NP8180)
Can they run the programs I've listed?
Clevo P150. It's relatively small, powerful, and the cooling system is perfect. Wait for Ivy Bridge though and make sure to put a high end card in there
Would this pc be any good?

Sorry for late reply, been busy with college and searching.
The first option may be called "Elite Optima", but its far from being elite, and its certainly not optimal. Don't waste a dime on that garbage. Hp Envy is slightly better and has some spec modification which can bring it nearly up to par, however its no gaming laptop if that's what you (seemingly) want.

In any case if you don't need the laptop till you go off to "Uni" in about half a year, it would be foolish to buy one now, especially with the introduction of Ivy Bridge and Kepler from Nvidia in the next couple of months. If budget is not a concern then your best bet to see you through college while remaining semi-relevant is to get an i7-3610qm or better, with a decent mid-tier dedicated card like the GTX 660m or better. Brands you may want to consider include: Sager, Msi Gt 6xx or Gt 7xx, Alienware, Asus, and maybe the new gaming Samsung 7 series. Best to wait a couple mins till the cards are on the table.
Quote:GTX 660m

There is no 660m atm, but the GT 640m and GTX 670/675m processors will be out next month
(03-03-2012, 07:50 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: There is no 660m atm, but the GT 640m and GTX 670/675m processors will be out next month

Well if you say that there won't be a 660m I'm inclined to believe you, as you have proven you're prophetic insight numerous times, including this "there are no kepler parts in the 600 series" statement, well before most of us realized the criminal rebadging on Nvidia's part. In my defense most NBR threads regarding 660m imply that it's still alive, although my advice in this thread was simply to wait for next gen mobile gpu's like the gtx 6xx series (at the time the rebadge rumor wasn't rampant) and the AMD GCN series, not specifically a Gtx 660m.
He's not saying there wil be none just that it is yet to exist.
None of the unreleased Gpu's "exist", at least in terms of their current market accessibility. I understood Squall's post to mean that there may or may not ever be a 660m, but with a certainty there won't be one released during the onslaught of "new" Gpu arrivals in the coming month. As such the 660m may as well be dead since even if it does eventually come to fruition, at this point it's nothing more than speculation and rumor, in contrast to it's elder brethren the 670m/675m which will see the light of day.

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