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Laptop Gpu
Hey Guys! Can anyone tell me which laptop gpus are compatible with pcsx2. I am planning to buy a laptop. I have no idea about laptop gpus.

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everything that is made in the last years is just fine, better to not be an onboard gpu though but a normal one to avoid performance problems...
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What, at the very least? PCSX2 can be considered playable on some of the better integrated GPU. This depends a lot on what game and what you consider playable, though. Either way, I would not recommend integrated.
(i.e. Intel 4500M/HD, ATI 4200, nVidia 8200M G)

If you want to be able to handle good speeds, meaning around 60fps or more, on at least native resolution with most compatible games, I would basically recommend something like my GT 230M at least. You could also consider an nVidia 9600M GT, a GT 130M, 325M, or 415M. Or ATI HD 3850, 4650, or 5650. Anything higher in it's series is sure to be better (mostly for resolution, but will help with some particularly heavy games/scenes). Anything lower in it's series will begin to become more limited in more and more situations, aside from the HD 5165 (an overclocked 4650, so it is DX10).

And of course, this will depend a lot on the game and it's compatibilty in general, as with actually achievable speeds will also depend on your CPU and the game's compatibility with Speedhacks. While what's considered playable varies as well as the desired games to be emulated, the only safe bet is to research the specific games or just buy the best you can afford.
All those GPUs Rezard listed will do, though your main focus is finding one w/ at least 2.6Ghz CPU frequency as CPU is more important when it comes to PCSX2.
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if moneys not an issue, look at my laptop specs in sig, runs pcsx2 really good completed first xenosaga with a few speedhacks recently on it.
i5 2500k @4.4ghz, Gigabyte P67-UD4-B3, DDR3 8GB, Gigabyte GTX 480 SOC
Alienware M17xR2, i7 620m, DDR3 4GB, 5870M
can 310m handle ff x,x-2,and xii?
what is better, an i5 @2.4 GHz with GT335m or i5 @2.53 GHz with 310m?
I would probably go with the first one. Although CPU clock is usually key to higher FPS, Speedhacks can help a lot there and 133Mhz is the smallest difference there could be. With the 310M, even Native resolution can have troubles.
how much the difference between those two?
because the one with 310m have a better battery (2-3 x longer)
(10-10-2010, 05:32 PM)frost Wrote: can 310m handle ff x,x-2,and xii?
what is better, an i5 @2.4 GHz with GT335m or i5 @2.53 GHz with 310m?

Both will handle it fine.
I would pick the one with GT335m simply because it will be far better for non pcsx2 use.
130mhz barely makes a difference in pcsx2 anyways.
It's not asif games that run 35fps will magicly run 50fps.
2 fps more maybe but that's about it.
[Image: 1454055.png]
Definitely the "i5 @2.4 GHz with GT335m" option. The nv 310m chip would barely even start GSdx rendering.

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