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Latest nvidia drivers 196.75 problems
So i downloaded the latest drivers before from nivida 196.75 and a few hours later i noticed they where deleted from the driver site so i started to wonder if it was caused they where bad drivers. After some search on google i found out they cause problems on win 7 x64 only where my fan speed was down to 40% so i changed it with evga precision to 80% and im wondering will this keep me good for now? If anyone knows more about this i would appreciate it. As far as i can tell it only causes some problems with your fans but since i changed it back to higher then it was before i should be ok but i hope they release a new driver soon since i hate unistalling and reinstalling drivers.

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Nvidia is getting way sloppier with their drivers lately and with the recent fiasco on the next gen DX 11 graphics cards they're already losing ground to ATI...
Anyway I can't see any reason for worrying, since you know the issue and took care of it, the worse that could happen with new drivers would be reduced performance or crashes. In that case you could always roll back to older drivers.
Also on Win 7 you don't even need to remove the old nvidia drivers, just install the new ones over the old, it works fine.
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Installed the old ones again to make sure and another reason to love Win 7Laugh The thought of going back to vista where i have had problems with the same thing makes me wanna put a gun in my mouth lol. And im glad i noticed this early since from the looks of it tons and tons of people have ruined there cards from playing starcraft 2 it seems and i just read about a guy who burned his 295 card.
those drivers are as bad as hell,i downloaded them and i got poor performance in all my games,including pcsx2 that in (196.34) i could play tenkaichi 3 full speed,and when installing these (196.75) i got only 80% of the real speed,and got some problems too with others of my pc games as well,(guitar hero world tour,ninja blade,dragon age etc) all having poor framerates.So i dont know what is happening to nvidia drivers,they where used to be the best drivers over the ati ones,but nowadays i cant say that nvidia drivers are better than ati ones.
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To anyone else using them, revert to the older drivers immediately. Apparently there's been reports of the 196.75 driver frying cards.
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Wow just wow...I never thought Nvidia would ever release on their main page a driver with that kind of bugs. Seems they're really going downhill Wacko
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im glad its winter here with -15 so it keeps my computer cool no matter what and that i noticed this fast since i always check there sites every hour or so after new drivers released
(03-05-2010, 07:07 PM)Bositman Wrote: Wow just wow...I never thought Nvidia would ever release on their main page a driver with that kind of bugs. Seems they're really going downhill Wacko

They have before, this is the second time in some time now actually but last time they were taken out quite fast (didn't last like an hour alive or smt) and I also remember a similar incident with drivers back in the days of the Geforce FX cards Tongue

This drivers also didn't work well with some old stuff, max payne 1 and FFVII didn't open for me at all and 3dmark01 (I keep it for testing reasons >_>) complained of needing more memory to run.

Also when overclocking from software it doesn't let me overclock right on shader/memory clocks it'd go in 15mhz steps for both while older ones would just let me go in 1mhz steps.

Oh and there's also reports of temps missreading or something with some software.

All and all I'm still using it cause it's the driver that gave me the smoother image in dragon age origins and the other stuff doesn't actually affect me Tongue
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strange i have 196.75 and it works fine here but it was a pain installing it since it kept failing to install the nvidia control panel for some reason

I installed those rediculous drivers, put my pc to sleep, came back like half an hour later and saw that it didn't shut off. Unlocked it, and checked temps, as I always do. I freaked the F out! I run 3x GTX 280 XXX and they were all above 200 F. So I unplugged the beast immediately and there wasn't any lasting damage, thank the devil. One of the many advantages of running XFX cards is their awesome warranty. I wonder how they'd react to drivers costing them 3 280 XXX worth of repairs. They've already replaced 2 of them in the past. One was even my fault and they still fixed it for free. Had a leak in my liquid cooling system, didn't catch it right away. It got wet, fried it, not completely fried, just wouldn't render any 3d. Ran any normal programs fine, not videos though.

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