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Lenovo T520 and PCSX2?
I'm just curious, how well do you people think the Lenovo T520 will run PCSX2? Specs:

Intel Core i7 2620M (2.7ghz base frequency, sandy bridge)
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (on notebookcheck, ranked above an NVS 3100M and just below the new Radeon HD 6450M)

This intel graphics, although integrated, is a huge step over what GMA used to be. Its an upper class 3 graphics card, where as all the previous GMA cards have been lower class 4/5. I'm hoping the CPU will make up for the GPU though.

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that 2nd gen i7 will be fine for pcsx2
so you have 2 GPUs one is bulit-ined because you have 2nd gen i7 and one is to use that Radeon thing and disable intel HD.

just reminder that GMA/intel HD is a crap for pcsx2.
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Regardless of what any benchmarks or sources say, an HD 6450 (mobile) will surely out-perform a mobile Intel anything (currently). A HD 3000 is not "upper class" by any means, either. Even an HD 4500 is weak in general, and even more-so for PCSX2.

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