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Gabest [after finishing work on GSDX]
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1 7.69%
4 30.77%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Let's Vote on which Coder would undertake the Next Big Rewrite of the Code
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Cool with Gabest Hard at work at GSDX again the only thing that I think still remain's to be a Problem is The Ipu timing which Causes a lot of ingame Movies to either stop mid play or Freeze and since many of the Coder's said it before that it will take a major rewrite of the code so lets Vote on who we think will be the one that will undertake this epic work and give us are games in their Full Complete Glory "which means No more SkipMpegHack LOL"

PS: I did not put Arcum and Gregory in this since they mostly work on the Linux side of things but who knows maybe they will do the work on Linux first then port it windows

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This won't work Tongue2
lets not.
Close thread. PCSX2 forums are not made for this kind of discusion.People are sensitive on this subject Tongue
Are you sure you're not abdo123?
i have not banned yet Tongue

(01-17-2012, 12:00 AM)tuanming Wrote: Are you sure you're not abdo123?


but I know this is a preety sensitive thing to talk about was kinda sleepy when I wrote this and the last thing I heard the subject was that cotton was plannin on doin it but oh well who know's maybe one of the guys are plannin to make it as a Christmas surprise this year and dont want to spill the beans on it yet it's just me wishing it tho Laugh
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[Image: stargate_sg_1_stamp_by_OmegaDreamSeeker11.jpg]
*votes for Giga* <_< ... >_>

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There are several things I'd like to see done. A simple wx* free core, wrapped in a class (multiple instances), runnable from command line without any gui. Reference interpreter at least as bug free as the recompiler. Less different coding styles, more stl classes. Common c++0x features supported by vs and gcc (sorry vs2008 Tongue). Video/audio output going through and rendered by pcsx2 itself, locally or through the network. And of course faster emulation, EE 100% / GS 10% / FPS 30-40-ish is getting quite common, and I don't think even the latest ivy bridge will help that.
PCSX2 itself can hardly get faster anymore.
One single big optimization we haven't tried yet involves deduplication of texture uploads.
Games send the same data over and over on a PS2 since it was made to do that.
If we could cache these efficiently and get rid of the transfer, that may help speed somewhat.
It would need support in PCSX2 and in GSdx and it's not very thought out yet.

But other than that, the recompilers are all very efficient, the memory accesses are clever and optimized
and we even have a recompiler for the VIF units.
You may be able to tweak all that a little more, especially with new instruction sets but it won't make that
much of a difference in the end.

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