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Linux for PlayStation2 Release 1.0
what the hell?


Linux for PlayStation 2 allows you to run the versatile Linux operating system on a usual PlayStation 2 console. In addition to the Linux kit, you will require a PlayStation 2, 8MB Memory Card and a monitor with sync-on-green capabilities.

The kit is aimed at programmers and Linux enthusiasts and includes:

■ Hard Disk Drive - available to the operating system Linux only, not for use with PlayStation 2 games.

■ Network Adapter - 10/100MB (Note: No modem is included.)

■ USB Keyboard - USB, with a daisy-chain USB port for the mouse. (Note: All the keyboards have a US layout printed on them.)

USB Mouse - USB, standard three-button mouse with roller wheel as middle button.

■ Monitor Cable Adaptor - Connects from AV out on PlayStation 2 to VGA monitor cable. Also has two audio jacks for stereo speakers.

■ DVD Disc Set - Two DVDs containing the Linux OS, RTE and hardware manuals.

The DVDs contain the following:


■ The PlayStation 2 Runtime Environment
■ PlayStation 2 System Manuals
■ VCL (a utility to optimize VU code)


■ The Linux operating system
■ Kernel version 2.2.1
■ Xfree86 X-Windows version 3.3.6 with support for PlayStation 2 Graphics Synthesizer
■ GCC 2.95.2 and GLIBC 2.2.2
■ An alpha version of Mesa 3D supporting limited graphics acceleration
■ PlayStation 2 Development Libraries, device drivers, tools and sample code

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very old news .....

anyone got this tested with PCSX2 yet Tongue
Yes, since 0.6 or something Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i know it's useless but was it emulated properly ? Tongue
I like doing this too Tongue Tongue Tongue lol

Anyways, there are other Linux available for PS2, not just this but BlackRhino and Linux 2.6 I believe.
I thought Sony was releasing a new Linux for PlayStation 2 slim when I saw this thread.

PCSX2 does not have HDD and USB plugins, so how to make it work? It would be fun if we could run it on PCSX2.
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It doesn't work AFAIK because you can't install it (no proper HDD support)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
How about the specs needed IF we ever can run this?
I Don't think it would be extremely demanding.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
why do you need to run this anyway you can install a proper Linux on the PC from the beginning or use it in VM

your CPU doesn't support Visualization and you want a Windows and Linux on your machine Tongue

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