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Major sh*t storm caused by windows updates??
Alright, I shut off my computer, and windows updates were happening, and then it shut down. next time i turn it on, it's crazy slow responce time....

I look at my CPU and it's almost always at 100%!!!!!

I run PCSX2 and it starts to load ok, but when the game starts i get 20 FPS........ I usually get 55-60 while just walking around. You think windows updates could have f*cked me a big one? Maybe something else happened?

All I know is I can't finish my game and i am pissed to hell. Any suggestions please?

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could you find out what process is making use of all that CPU time?
do disc checks and such
No processes are taking up that much space, that's just it!

And i just found something else out... i tried to update the threat definitions on my anti-virus ( it already recognized just over 5,000 types) and right when it was trying to install new definitions it said it was cancelled... and ALL my threat definitions were erased. It went down to 0.

Obviously some super bad virus or something yeah???

Looks like a trip to best buy...... *Shakes fist in the air* CURSES!!!!
Or just format your computer.

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