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Maybe helpful: Overclocking for Q6600 owners of non-OC'able mobo's
This may or may not be very useful, there's a VERY simple method of unlocking the 1333 MHz fsb rate of Q6600's (thus rating the CPU at roughly 3GHz) on some big brand PC's, namely Dell, AFAIK.

Read more here.

I haven't noticed any significant performance gains, as I did this mod right after I discovered this emulator and I didn't do any before/after benches but I can say that this mod DOES work on my system. It's been running non-stop for the past 4 days with no hiccups, glitches, resets or BSOD's.

[Image: cpuratingrs.jpg]

There's been a very mild temperature rise, but it's been only 3-4° hotter on average when idling and will peak at around 50°C.

[Image: busspeedandidletemprs.jpg]

DO YOUR HOMEWORK before trying this and MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK...
but it seems safe so far.

If it wasn't mentioned in the thread link I posted, be sure to get a tube of thermal compound before attempting this. In my excitement and haste, I forgot to pick some up only realizing that I didn't have any once I removed the heat sink :/ A very foolish move, but I haven't paid for it yet. *crosses fingers till payday*

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go kill the Orn Empire...

*edit* sorry for posting in the wrong thread!

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I would strongly suggest not waiting till payday and getting some Thermal paste ASAP. It's quite cheap and the results can be dire if you don't use it.
please my man listen up:

you say no hiccups or problems, but have you really trested your system with a stress test program? An example is Prime95 download it, run a stress test blend mode. Run for an hour or 2 watch the temps and enable round off checking in one of the drop downs in the top left.

See if you get any errors, if so either more Vcore is required or lower Ram speeds. this gets quite complicaed it isnt as easy as you describe, i know as i have got my Q6600 to 3.2Ghz after many hours.

Yes use good thermal compound such as Arctic cooling MX-2 to increase heat transfer, better yet an aftermarket CPU heatsink such as the OCz Vendetta 2.

You may not see errors, but nothing great enough in terms of raw number crinching may be required, you may see in HD encoding some frames pixelated or jumbled, BSOD's in games like Crysis and so on or just backgrpund corruption of OS files as they are accessed very frequently.

When you OC the FSB, the ram is linked therefore Ram speed increases in ratio, this can cause unstable Ram, and unreliable transmission of data, most commonly, that i have actually experienced is a corrupt MFT, loosing access to all your files until its rebuilt. Files remain in-tact nevertheless but uneccessary problems.

I hope i havent scared you, or underestimated your knowledge, but i wanted to say this for others too and so that you also dont go through the problems i did.

My Q6600 idles at 32*c and loads at 55*c under encoding, and Prime95 loads at 62*c.

Lastly, your CPUz screenshot and temps are unreliable as you have Intel Speedstep enabled in the bios lowering the Multi from 9 to 6 causing the drop in actual clock speed. turn it off to find the real Idle temps.
(08-02-2009, 10:54 PM)jasjeet Wrote: I hope i havent scared you, or underestimated your knowledge, but i wanted to say this for others too and so that you also dont go through the problems i did.

Not at all! Your post was actually very helpful. I made the post in effort to help people get the most out of their own set-ups and this emulator in particular. Anything along those lines is for the greater good, so you have my deepest regards. I'll do what you suggested when I'm able and post my results then.

@nasageek: Duly noted, bro.
Use toothpaste if you've got to :|.. It's better than not TIM.
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