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MemoryCard Issue-Persona 4/3
Hey guys i really like playing Persona whether its 3 or 4..

so lets go straight to the point..


whenever i tried saving the game it say something like..

"Memory card is not inserted in slot 1" something like that..

at first i thought it was the cd problem but when i go to the store and request a new cd the same thing still happened..

so a couple of week later( man this is turned out to be like a story - -) i tried buying persona 3..

but the same thing also happened i tried inserting and taking it out repeatedly from the slot but the same thing still happen

i also tried switching it to slot 2 and change it back to slot 1

and..........i tried to hold it tightly cause maybe its not well...inserted correctly but i still cant save...(please note that this process took 1 hour and 13 minute)

so i was hoping if you guys could help it the memory card??

P.S:im sorry for such a bad english since im from malaysia

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If you are using 9.7 you can make memory cards by going to Config>Memory Cards.
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Probably need to format them unless you're using the memcards fine in other games.

In the 0.9.7 beta select the "no disc" option under the CDVD menu, then launch the emulator with "System > Boot CDVD (full)" and format them from the browser).
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ohh...ok thx...but what about in ps2?? there are also some game that cant save in ps2 how do i fix that??
Oh, this isn't about PCSX2? Then you posted in the wrong place, moving it to chatterbox.

I'd check in the BIOS if the files inside that memory card can still be seen, if they still show and persona still has that problem you may want to try removing and inserting it again a few times but be careful when doing that.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Are you using original memory cards?
well this is about pcsx2 but i also played ps2 and the same thing happened..thats why im asking you this...sorry

by the way i am using an original memory card
Well, the saving option works for people on the real console and on PCSX2 as well.
Since you're getting problems on both, something really odd is going on..
did u try saving at other PS2?
anyway which part of malaysia are you at?
i'm from there too u know..
maybe i can meet u up..if i'm not lazy la Tongue

anyway 'kembali ke topik'.. Laugh
any luck saving with other games?
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well im from the way...i didnt test it on other ps2 yet

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