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My Computer's Problem
Hello all! i'm just having some trouble with fps issue's on any game other than Kingdom Hearts 2 and Budokai 3 (DBZ) for some reason i play any game other than those 2 i get horrible frames. and the game play is unbearable. i was hoping somebody could inform me on some options or some way to increase my game play performance. keep in mind i used 2x native for ps2 for those 2 games then i try and lower graphical potential for all other games and it doesn't work as good as the 2 i play at all. Please help ASAP. would prefer private messages as seeing as i don't know how to use these forums fully. Any help as soon as possible would be very Beneficial! Thank you!

here's my computer specs to maybe help analyze and help solve the solution. Smile

Intel Core i3-2328m CPU @ 2.20GHZ
Ram - 8gigs
i run windows 8 - 64bit operating system
video card - Intel HD Graphics 3000
It's a toshiba labtop i received recently. brand new. no problems known to date.

i know the video card might be alittle low. but i can play many computer games such as skyrim on it so i'm not sure of the problem

Assistance is appreciated and the games i potentially try to play are

Tekken 5
Spider-Man 2
crash nitro cart
Mortal Kombat deception
DBZ budokai tenkachi 3

These might be kid style games, but i am not one haha.
all those games except for kingdom hearts 2 and Budokai 3 are the only function able games in my library for Pcsx2.

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Well you'd want to stay at native res, really. That CPU is okay, but clocked too low and I don't think the i3's can be OC'ed. You definitely wouldn't want to do that on a laptop anyway.

The graphics are also fairly bad. Those couple games were probably somewhat playable only because they're easier to emulate.

Also you can't really compare emulation to conventional PC games. I could easily max out some modest PC games but there's no way I'd get fullspeed on Zone of the Enders 2even at native res with speedhaxx. It's much harder to emulate the ps2 properly.
Change res to 640x480 but graphic is very bad, then try this :
FrameRate= your equal lowest fps. But That work for slow games only.
If your Fps is high return your Framerate to default.
Hope it works Smile
and don't forget to try this also it's very helpful guide for low end PCs below 2.4 dual ? Read
I think the problem comes from you, not your computer. What's the idea of getting a Sandy Bridge CPU when Ivy Bridge is to be replaced by Haswell? Ivy Bridge i3s clock speed is between 2.4 - 2.6 Ghz, while the Sandy ones' is 2.1 - 2.3 Ghz. Besides, the HD 4000 is much better than the HD 3000.

Your CPU is weak for PCSX2, and your GPU is weak for gaming in general. Kingdom Hearts is one of the games which do not require a powerful PC to emulate. That's why it runs smoothly on your laptop.

PCSX2 rarely uses more than 512 MiB RAM. 8 GiB RAM is redundant, and the free RAM has nothing to do with emulation speed.
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I have also same specs expect cpu,mine dual core @ 2.10 ghz laptop,Intel Hd 3000 & all games running at normal speed at 2x native
1.Gs plugin-ssse3-configure-adapter-Intel Hd 3000
2.Resolution-1280x720-Direct3D9 hardware-interlacing auto
Screen size-widescreen (16:9)
Shade boost-Saturation-50
3.2x native resolution (tick native for tekken series because of black lines )
4.Enable Hw hacks-alpha,Sprite,Half pixel offset,wild arms offset ticked
5.Extra rendering threads-2
6.Emulation settings-All default
Gs window-Aspect ratio-widescreen (16:9)
Zoom-102.0 % (For Gow Games,if some lines showing in bottom screen)
Enable speedhacks-recommended turn on-sliders keep to 0
tick Mtvu hack (only tick it if u have 3rd core also,recommended if 2+ cores)
battery power plan-High performance
hope these settings help u Smile
That processor isn't that aweful slow @ 2.2Ghz.
It is on the slow side for PCSX2,
but should mostly handle some games with Speedhacks.

The Intel HD 3000 is a frequent bottleneck with many PS2 games.
The HD 4000 is a bit better, but not by much at all.
Honestly-- there's a lot of room for improvement with an HD 3000 in the first place. Laugh

About the best you could do to compensate that is keep the internal resolution low.
Allowing 8-bit textures or a little skip-draw can help on occassion, though.
Run at native res typically, and just fun, try a custom internal resolution of 720x720 with slow gmes.
I've so far only seen it with FFX, but that res somehow runs considerably faster than native, and looks better too.

Yeah-- maybe it's a crazy, far-out concept,
but so is gaming on an Intel GPU...! ;P
I don't recommend allow 8 bit textures,because it makes my games super slow.
Don't tick it Smile
(05-03-2013, 02:47 PM)Preet Wrote: I don't recommend allow 8 bit textures,because it makes my games super slow.
Don't tick it Smile

It depends on the game, on some games it can make things faster.
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Maybe,here should be a list of games which need allow 8 bit textures thing Smile

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