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Need advice and pointers regarding ripping a game

I have recently bought used PAL copies of Silent Hill 3 and 4 in good condition and I decided to rip them into ISO's so I could play them in PCSX2.

By using DVD Decrypter which I have used for my other PS2 games I successfully ripped Silent Hill 3 without problems as expected.

But Silent Hill 4 stopped at 96% giving me numerous read-errors, I tested to check Ignore Read-errors but I fell asleep afterwards thinking that this could take a while just to wake up a couple of hours later to see that it still stood on 96%

What are my options here, the disc is in good condition and does not need to be cleaned in any way.
I have access to other drives and Alcohol 120%, but I'm not sure if it can produce an ISO though, the last time I checked it only gave me an option for MDS/MDF for PS2 games which I don't think PCSX2 can load.

Is there any other software besides these two that could rip an perfect 1:1 ISO? And should I waste time testing it on other drives, seeing as it takes roughly about 45 minutes each time for it to come up to 96%

It's rather funny actually, this was supposed to be the last game i ripped for PCSX2 and right there at the finish line it just had to give me errors.

Anyway thanks in advance!

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Even if it doesn't look it needs cleaning, it might so first try that. Alcohol can create .ISO files too, when you go to the write image wizard just select in the dropdown menu instead of MDF, ISO. Another really nice (and free) iso ripping program is imgburn
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Thanks for the quick reply Bositman, lightning fast service!

When I get home from work later this afternoon I will try what you have suggested, regarding cleaning and ImgBurn, but I'm 100% positive last time I checked that dropdown list in Alcohol 120% it just gave me the MDS/MDF format, I can swear it but I'll check again just to be sure.

I can feel it in me that this time I'm going to success!
Hmm yeah maybe the dropdown didn't have ISO, if it doesn't I remember just setting the target filename to myfilename.iso and it was working that way Tongue
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I just want to point out that you can run MDF files in PCSX2 but you need to use Linuz Iso CDVD plugin and instead of selecting run iso in the main menu you need to select run cd/dvd in the file dropdown menu (pcsx2 r1888)

(See attached files)

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That's really interesting Imbapally, I use Linuz ISO CDVD today on a regular basis but on 0.9.6, I wonder if it works for me?

I have to investigate this later on today, thanks for sharing I might have to use Alcohol 120% for this one, if all else fails.
ImgBurn seemed to work perfectly, it gave me only 1 read-error for 1 sector at 98% but recovered immediately and gave me a 1:1 backup in ISO format, thank god.

Thanks guys for all your help, seems to me we can close this topic now, problem solved!
Is it true that ISO`s dont capture a disc`s Sub channel data? because i ripped F12003 recently and it has sound missing from the Intro, and i thought it might be an Iso Sob channel issue
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it can be a bad rip/iso or corrupted iso. reconvert your game disc to iso using imgburn

also you have used the game disc and it had sound at that point?
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