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Need advice for my specs
Hi! Im new here and i need some good advice about my desktop specs.

Windows 7 32 bit
Intel i5 750 2.66 ghz
Nvidia G force 9 series ddr3 512mb
1 terabyte hard disk
3 gig ram ddr2

Hows my specs?

About the i5 750 i want not overclocking it.

I want to stick only with 2.66ghz.

So 2.66 ghz 750 wont have problem running all the games compatible with the pcsx2?

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It's ok. You know what's faster than posting a new topic about it? Trying it yourself or reading the huge sticky we have for this.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Tnx! I've seen that link.

Just only making it clear.Biggrin

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