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Need help
My pc specs-

windows 7 , c2d 3.0ghz , 2gb ddr2 ram , asus silent 8400Gs oc 600Mhz.
all latest drives upto november.

can i play gow , wwe svr series ? I hav PAL versions. I also wana play wwe svr 2011ExclUnsure[/font]

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Core 2 Duo at 3.2Ghz is much preferred to play god of war Tongue2 Still CPU is OK/good for the games you mentioned.

As for Graphics Card, 8400GS might lag. 9600GT and higher is reccomended.
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GOW is not much of demanding i managed to play it on 2,2 GHz on Athlon 64 x2 Smile

and 3.2 is good for most of SVR series if you asked me but 8400GS is definitely weak and it will bottleneck the whole PC Wink

I've never played GOW for years as it is not perfect for a small child. Tongue2

So i forgot about the requirements. Don't know but last time when i played GOW on C2D @ 2.6Ghz it lagged. Graphics Card was ATI Radeon hd 5450. So i am Unsure Wacko
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although it is rated 18 years old my parents don't mind i am 14 ( unless it has sexual content )

and i don't think he knows all the tweaks i did nor the builds i used Wink

but anyway the GPU is the problem for almost any game
That's he only problem with that game. I am 13 years.
Rest of the game is very good. Smile Tongue2

I played that part when my parents were near (i didn't knew about that then) and got a good scolding. Tongue2
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