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Need help! (Monster Hunter 2 [jpn])
I managed to find a list of RAW codes to allow the online quests/items for offline playing, however whenever I enter the codes and activate them in PCSX2, the game instantly crashes every time.. no matter what RAW code I add.. Any ideas? I am using a user made english patch, might that have something to do with it? I hope not.

On another note, if anybody could make the game allow you to do the online quests offline (advanced quest modifier they call it) and get the online weapon updates to the smithy in town for MH2 I'd be very grateful!

You also need to unlock/activate all of the movies in the gallery via code, to fight at least one of the online bosses.

Kind Regards

// Robin

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Nobody have any idea?
Think I got it sorted now, so don't bother..

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