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Need some help with this.
I'm new to this, don't make fun, you were new once too.

here's the deal. I have this....

i7 64bit desktop windows 7
1 PS3 wireless controller with USB connector
latest version of Motionjoy
latest version of Xpadder
games I need to play!
what wrong .....?

I open motionjoy to connect the controller, and load the drivers, it will not load drivers... it tells me that the drivers need to be installed... they are and they are the proper file type for the 64bit computer. The motionjoy program its self is not even working. I dont see the forums or the ads on the right side. I can click all the buttons in the window and nothing happens. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong but something is getting lost in translation here.

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Motioninjoy always seems to have issues on 64bit machines. I got it up and running on my 64bit rig with no problems. I don't really use xpadder when playing my PS1/PS2 emus though, and usually not even for PC games.

The fact that motioninjoy wants to connect to the internet just to load up the interface always annoyed me, however. If the site went down or whatever, you were screwed. There's an option within the program to load the necessary files "locally".


Download link and whatnot in there. I did that and solved the issues I had. Loads up just fine now.
I will give it a try thank you : )
If that's the adless version of MJ then it does work but it also has its problems. Before I stopped motionjoy the revised one once wouldn't load anything. So I had to go back in to the official one and load everything from their and it worked. I never had problems myself to load the driver of MJ in Windows 7 x64. The thing I did have problems with was the program giving BSOD's often enough to piss me off. So Then I was told a solution an alternative from using that POS program. Ever since then it has been glorious.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3
That package just takes the normal Motioninjoy and lets you load an offline version of it from the program. Always worked just fine for me.

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