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New CPU/GPU Benchmark Suggestion
Yesterday I posted a thread about the demoscene "4 Edges":

Apart from an audio/video synchronisation issue, this runs near-perfect under PCSX2 from a quality point of view. Speed is a problem however, so this would be an ideal CPU/GPU benchmark.

There are only a couple of issues which need to be considered, which are relevant to its use as a GPU benchmark:
1. GSdx Hardware modes and possibly ZeroGS experience terrible performance depending on the amount of VRAM due to an apparent memory leak.
2. Hardware modes in general miss out on some of the effects, e.g. Fog and Depth of Field Blur. This doesn't really matter though as it's still a good benchmark without these effects.

Obviously the main benefit of this is that being homebrew software anyone can download and use it.
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Uh... a demo that can eat Gigabytes of VRAM and even more RAM?
I don't think it would be wise for people with low RAM/VRAM to even run it, could crash your PC easily and wouldn't be much good for comparison if only some people can run it.

There has been some other demos that people have seen as perfect to run as a benchmark but they usually end up with the same problem and it's that it doesn't exactly relate to game's performance in the end but just how well it is at using some features.
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It is not a memory leak but an enormous amount of cached surfaces.
We can't easily fix that in GSdx yet :/
I checked with ZeroGS again and it doesn't appear to have the problem with the cached surfaces. In fact, it seems to run fine in ZeroGS (goes from around 5fps to 100+ (frame limit disabled)) and actually displays more effects than GSdx once the "Specular Highlights" (01000000) hack is enabled.
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Yep, GSdx has a different texture cache though. That's partly the reason why it's faster over ZeroGS
(in games that don't run into the resource issue Wink )

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