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New Features for the Future
Just posting some features I hope will be implemented in future versions of PCSX2.

- Configure F-Keys and other system hotkeys

I would like to change the quickload (F3) and quicksave (F1) keys to other buttons further apart such as F5 and F9 which I'm more used to in other emulators. Also the Frame Limiting key F4 could be moved away from those buttons.

- The Pick Save State (F2) only seems to increment properly but doesn't cycle.

I tried hitting it multiple times and it doesn't ever go back to first slot. Not sure if that's because there is a decrement state button. I will check just in case.

Also there should be a definition somewhere of what all the system keys are.

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There is already an F4 (toggle disable/enable framelimiting) and F9 (toggle SW/HW mode). and there is TAB for turbo mode. Can't remember any other besides F1 and F3. So some of the hotkeys are already taken. It would be nice to customize them but I can't see that being a priority over bugfixes and such.
It would also be nice with a key that toggles native/custom and/or upscale res.
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Changing the keys is already possible
Quote:Also there should be a definition somewhere of what all the system keys are.

You mean like the one in the readme? Tongue
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