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New Home Theatre/ Gaming Frontend
I've only just discovered PCSX2 and joined the forums. I have looked through the forums regarding new PC builds, but I have a slightly different requirement in mind.

I want to build a frontend for one of the rooms in the house. I already have a very powerful server (unfortunately as this is a server it is dedicated to linux which I have since found cannot utilize graphics offload to the cpu well). I thus am moving towards building a front end with windows 7. Because I intend this to be a front end, I don't want to build a huge behemoth of a machine. Therefore I have planned to build a smaller but quite powerful front end. I'm giving the specs to see what anyone thinks regarding how well it will run PCSX2, in particular the likes of FFX, FFX-2, Suikoden V, Ico, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Oh and btw I don't really intend to overclock, particularly as I don't think this machine would have space for the extra cooling system.

Case- Antec NSK1380 SFF-
Motherboard- Asus P7Q57-M DO Intel Q57 Express 1156
CPU- Intel Core i5 650, Dual Core Clarkdale 32nm, 3.2GHz, 4MB Cache, 73W, Integrated GPU @ 733MHz
Graphics- EVGA GeForce GT 520-
RAM- 4GB (not researched yet)

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