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New guy needs recommendation
Hey all,

I'm very new to this and I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions for some specific computer specs. I will keep tinkering with the settings but here are my specs:

Intel core 2 duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40ghz 2.40ghz
3.00 GB Ram
Windows 7 32bit
2 Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT Graphics cards With SLI Enabled.

Thanks in advance and if I find out anything on my own I will post it here.

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Welcome to the forums.

Your laptop isn't too bad, but you should stick to "native" resolution. IIRC, PCSX2 will not utilize both of your graphics cards. Your CPU is decent and I believe supports GSdx SSE4.1, but is still a little slow for many games. You'll likely be needing Speedhacks in most cases, if not all. You could start by trying "native" resolution and the [Recommended] Speedhacks. If still too slow for your liking, try moving the sliders for VU Cycle Stealing, EE Cyclerate or possibly both. I suggest little bits at a time, because some games will "break" if these sliders are too high.

Are there any games in particular you're looking to play?
Well right now I have RE4 on disc and ISO. I'm guessing playing the ISO is quicker. I would also like to get Shadow of the Colossus working (big surprise right?). I heard Shadow was having some problems for several people. I will try your recommendations. Thank you.
Ok so your settings work pretty well for RE4. The graphics are pretty pixelated but I can deal with that. The game seems to get to points where it slows down randomly, but it still says it running at like 59.96 fps. The audio is off too. I'll keep messing with it though. Thanks again for your help.
Your cpu can't handle Shadow of the colossus.
It's one of the harder games to run.
[Image: 1454055.png]

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