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New hardware not getting along with old games?
Hi again.
Well, I have a little doubt about old games. I used to have an old PC with Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, Nvidia Geforce 6600 and 1 Gb RAM DDR, in which I was able to run some games like Halo: Combat Evolved, Prince of Persia trilogy, Classic Doom (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom), Doom 3, among others.

My laptop, since it has newer and better hardware, should be able to run these games smoothly of course, shouldn't it? But the reality is different: Prince of Persia trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior within, The Two Thrones) runs smooth but *slow* if I can put it that way, Halo runs with some graphical issues (as though the graphic card wasn't enough to run it), and Classic Doom runs as s*** (very bad and small resolution and no colors). However, Doom 3 still runs fantastically well. How curious...

I have thought all this that it's due to some DirectX 9 issues, maybe Nvidia 8 series just cannot do good emulation of DirectX 9 being the fact that they work with DirectX 10. What do you think? Or can it be the Operating System itself?


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It's the fact it's a laptop, mostly. Laptops generally aren't built to be gaming machines. In addition to having power-miser versions of hardware (your 8600M GT is like the equivalent of an 8600GT desktop divided by two, for example), laptops typically have very aggressive cpu speedstepping enabled. This is especially true of Dell laptops.

Furthermore, the 8xxxM series from nvidia had heat problems that tended to cause the whole laptop to throttle to lower speeds more often than other laptops.

To sum: your games are slow most likely for two reasons:

1) your CPU is probably running at 1.6ghz most of the time, and none of the games you listed are really designed to use the dual-core design of your CPU, with the exception of Doom3. So they really "feel the pain" when confined to such a low single core speed.

2) your 8600M GT GPU isn't much better than the 6600 in your desktop, in terms of pixel fill rates. It does have much better shader tech tho, which explains why Doom3 runs better -- in addition to utilizing your dual core, it's also the most shader dependent game of the ones you listed.

As for Classic Doom looking like crap, that's probably due to the game not using a native resolution of your laptop's LCD display -- that'd make it look bad and have a small window anyway. Though that wouldn't explain the bad color. That's probably the fault of incompatible drivers with whatever archaic palettized video modes those old games use.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
It could aldo be the OS... For the first time I'm actually having a little bit of compatibility problems using a newer windows. Windows 7 doesn't like Starcraft for me, where as vista and XP still oved it. There are work arounds (do some searches, you'll often find other people with the same problem and their solutions) but some of the colors may still be messed up (I don't need the water to look blue anyways <_<).

The older doom games, if they are dos based, you may be able to setup a dosbox to play with better quality.
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