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New here need help with specs
I have a sony VAIO laptop and i was wonder if i could play with these specs

Intel Core i5 M430 @2.27GHz
Nvidia 310M 512MB

Thanks I'm mostly going to run FFX or FFXII and mostly RPG games.

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ffx should be fine if you play a bit with the settings
ffxii will need some extra time playing with settings than ffx but probably will run at full or near full speed.
that gpu will force you to use native ps2 res and in some games it might even have problems on that (chances it will happen with ffxii)
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I'm a little less optimistic... I think you're going to have some pretty bad slowdowns, even in FFX (certain spells during battle especially). Luckily this will be less of an issue gameplay wise if you mostly play RPGs, but it can make music and voices stuttery and can be quite unpleasant.

That said, there is no reason not to give it a try at least with FFX just to see if you find the results playable. If it is, then take the time to try and mess with it more with FFXII as FFXII is quite a bit harder on systems than X.
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It should get a playable fps of around 40 for both games, tweak w/ speed hacks a bit and you'll get near 60 or above.
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