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Once upon a time...
... there was a little nerd called Shibuhya. This guy was so happy when he held his own copy of Win7 in his hands that he praised the lord for coders and computers. But soon he found himself in a severe storm of problems and cried like hell, shouted at his mashiene and bonked his head against his wall for beeing so stupid to think windows got better since Vista. But now he takes revenge for what has come and searches for allies on his way to redemption!

Hi there, my name is shibuhya and I need your help to revert my system back to XP just to try it out. But there is one problem... All my Hardware could be operated under WinXP, but my 8 GB's of RAM and my Quadcore would be useless after that. 3 Gigs of RAM would be more than enough, even for high end games I think, because XP uses way less then win7, but my quad cpu is just to good for beeing reverted to a dual core, wuah, I hate that thought -.-.

Two questions now, are you using 7 and are you fine with it or do you too think that it is a bunch of crap most of the time, installing older games and wondering why they wont run at all? And second: Is there any way to use 4 cpu's on winXP Professional 64bit?

Please, share your impression of 7 with me, maybe I give it a chance after some positive replys, maybe I hate it even more, ,dunno.

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im using windows 7 and is hell better than xp in games term,you can use directx10/11,and of course more ram if you got it,also it doesnt crash so often as xp does.
And that myth that win7 is a ram killer is not true,of course it uses more ram than xp but winxp is way older than windows 7 and besides that win7 dont use that much memory anyways,if you have 2gb then you are fine, so win7 ftw
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
You have 8GB ram, why even care about wether it takes up a bit more?
It certainly won't use the 5GB ram you won't be able to use if going back to XP.
[Image: 1454055.png]
and from when xp doesnt use all the cores in quad core cpu's?. they can do it just fine...
also win xp pro x64 can use 8gb of ram and not only 3 (this has nothing to do with the OS but only if its 32bit or 64bit)

and finally win 7 is better in EVERYTHING from win xp. if you dont know how to use them effectively then that is something you must look into yourself...
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64 sp1, MoBo: Asus P5QD Turbo, CPU: Q6600 @ 3,0Ghz, RAM: Trancend 2x2gb 6-6-6-18 800 MHz, GPU: HD 4850 1gb.
Pcsx2: Always Latest
The sadest thing for me is that since win7 is installed my hard drives have serious slowdowns when opening folders, sometimes it hangs up for at least 10 seconds, maybe one of them is broken because a fresh installation had the same results in it.

How comes XP could use Quad Cores? Did not even find drivers for my amd phenom for xp !?
Processors don't need drivers to work. XP can take advantage of quad cores fine, albeit not as efficiently as Windows 7 will. The 4 GB RAM limitation as iakoboss7 said has nothing to do with XP vs Vista vs Win 7 but if your operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit. If you use the Windows 7 32bit flavor it will also not recognize more ram than 4 GB. So if you want, you can use Windows XP 64bit to get all your RAM usable (although it is not stable at all and way inferior to Windows 7 64bit).

About your problems, make sure you've installed your motherboards drivers properly. What's your motherboard anyway? PC specs?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Here my Specs:

Acer Aspire M3201
AMD Phenom x4 9650 Quad-Core ~2.3 GHz
8 GB DDR2 Transcend RAM
ATI Radeon HD 4650 ~ 1 GB

Acer RS780HVF

Dunno if the driver is correct, its the standard win7 driver, never cared about it, may try to update it from Acer website huh?
ιnstalling the latest Chipset drivers is the 1st thing you have to do after the format.

you should not download it from the acer website but from the chipset maker, (intel,amd,nvidia) find yours and download it.
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64 sp1, MoBo: Asus P5QD Turbo, CPU: Q6600 @ 3,0Ghz, RAM: Trancend 2x2gb 6-6-6-18 800 MHz, GPU: HD 4850 1gb.
Pcsx2: Always Latest

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