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Optimizing PCSX Performance
First of all, Hi guys. Im Akira, new to this forums. Though I am not new to emulating, this is my first time for me to emulate PS2.

I came here to ask you guys if you could help me to fully optimize my configuration.

First and foremost, here is my specs

Intel Core i7 2700
Intel HD Graphics 2000 (As my integrated GPU)
Asus P8H67M-LE (If its relevant)
4gb DDR3 RAM @ 1333mhz

Im planning to buy an nVidea GTX650 Ti before the end of the year.

After some time configuring PCSX2 my self, the only thing that I have changed is the GSDX plugin. I have set it to version 4 and since the integrate Graphics of Intel is such a crap, I chose the Direct3D10 (software) as the renderer. After that, I don't know what to do next. LOL

With this setup, I can play Battle Assault 3 feat Gundam Seed with 60fps at the title page. The FPS drops down when 3D figures go into the screen like when selecting mobile suits or maps. On the battle screen, my FPS drops down to average 32fps. I can't give you any more info about the performance 'cuz this is the only game that I have at the moment. LOL

If any more advanced advanced configurations and/or speedhack config that you might think that can improve my performance, feel free to give me something.

Thanks in advanced Wink

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better wait on that videocard before going at it again, that integrated card isnt really cuttin git.

play on your ps2 in th emeanwhile and dream of those hd graphics whikle you wait for that shiny new videocard :3
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new graphics card and MTVU speedhack will make much difference Smile
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