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Overclocking with RivaTuner, etc...
I've recently decided to try RivaTuner to OC my graphics card. I have a little problem, though. I'm unable to access the features with the button in the "Forceware Detected" field, as it's not there! I'm also getting a message leading me to understand my driver is "too new"(?) I have searched for the answer only to find "fixed drivers" for what seems to be desktop GPU. And, of course, this kind of thing (I'm not alone LOL).

Now, I was about to install said driver(s) when I realized none of the listed GPUs were mobile. I'm sure I'll sound real stupid to ask, but would this possibly work? Would it hurt? How about I post the link and maybe someone could take a look themselves...?

I'm hope it's obvious to someone what my problem is. I also hope it's not impossible to do with my GT 230M. Any help would be appreciated. Even to know that someone else has been able to OC their mobile GPU. Smile

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Rivatuner is somewhat outdated, try with EVGA Precision or MSI afterburner which are based on it and maybe you'll have better luck.

In rivatuner you would have to force the driver to be recognized by the "Power user" tab and changing the value for the "ForceDriverVersion" on the rivatuner\system values, I'm not exactly sure tho so google a bit for it I guess Tongue
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Thanks for the quick reply. Smile Had a feeling someone here would know a thing or two about this.
Alright! EVGA Precision is nice and simple. Thanks for the tip, Shadow Lady. Smile

Is there a better stress test you can recommend than RTHDRIBL. It seems good, but it too is outdated.

Also, am I correct to assume most mobile GPUs do not have "fan controller chips"?
I've been using nTune to overclock and occt to test error, and I think they aren't too bad and are quite easy to use.
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people usually either use OCCT or an alternative is furmark.
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Cool. So, EVGA Precision and OCCT are just what I was looking for. Can anyone help me out with a good CPU OC program? One that actually works on Windows 7 x64 and preferably as "user-friendly" as EVGA?

The only one I've found that even runs is CrystalCPUID. Has anyone heard of this? I'm a little unsure if I should use it, as I've found very little about it...
For CPU, you should look mainly for Orthos and prime95. Intel burn test can also be used for a maximum temperature scenario (but is overkill imo)
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but those 3 arent for stability test? he wants to overclock from software.
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Well, I worked up the courage to OC my GPU to the likes of a GT 240M. I also realized my GPU was "underclocked" by default. The memory speed was 790Mhz rather than 800Mhz.

Ran a "test" with OCCT. Topped out at 57c. No errors. Good, yes?

BTW What's more trustworthy for a clock reading? GPU-Z or EVGA Precision?

EDIT: Changed "CPU-Z" to "GPU-Z".

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