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PCSX2 @AMD X2 / HD5570
Hello everyone Cool,

I just registered @pcsx2forum, for getting help at make this emu run on my system. Maybe my english wont be the best, i am from germany and this is just school english, allthough i think it is enough for you to understand me and my problem.

So to my Computer Spec:

Athlon 64 X2 2x ~2,1GHz
2GB DDR2 Ram
Radeon HD5570 GDDR5 512MB

My Problem:
I looked for an emu for playing ps2 games on pc .. so i found PCSX2 and in several versions and with many different plugins .. i was on youtube, at certain forums, on the homepage and so on, but i never made this program run fluently ..

for example i tried Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Dragonball Infinite World .. but everytime i started the game, it had about 50-70 FPS and with the beginning of the intro or game itself, the fps go down to 20-30 fps .. furthermore the sound is very very blurred .. i dunno if this is caused by my bad system or by wrong plugins, that i used .. i also tried different plugins, combinations, Resolutions, Speed Hacks and so on .. nothing wont work -.- ...

I considered, updating my system to AMD Phenom X4 955 - 8 GB DDR3 1333 or same with Phenom X6 1055 .. would that solve my problem?! I saw, that SSSE3, SSE4.1 and SSE 4.2 is not supported by AMD .. Just SSE2 SSE3 and SSE 4a .. will there be problems with plugins even if i had a Phenom system?!

I really hope you can help me ..

greets from germany CoolCoolCool

P.S.: atm i use XP -> DX9 ; would it help using W7 -> DX10?

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I am able to understand that english very well. Cheers Smile

Well, some things are there that AMD Cannot handle such as SSSE3 and SSE4.1 SSE2 is very slow and SSE4a is useless. Also, AMD CPU are not better for PCSX2. Think about changing that Intel Core I Processor if that's not heavy on your budget.

Also, your PC is too slow. 2.1 Ghz is too low for this or all ps2 games.

By the Way Graphics Card is good. Smile And Yes, DirectX 10/11 Modes are better and faster if your system supports it.

Some things I would reccomend:
  • Change the Windows Power Plan to High Performance
  • Frameskip of constant of 1, 2 (tested for DBZ BT 3 Ntsc Version ONLY)
  • Speedhacks will be required

Better upgrade to Intel ones with atleast 2.8Ghz and you are good. although AMD Phenom will perform good/OK if you have 3.0+Ghz Smile
Good Luck Smile
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Upgrading to a Phenom2 will help a lot, but it may still be too slow for some games.
AMD cpus simply don't handle PS2 emulation well.
We recommend an Intel cpu at or above 3Ghz.
Theres no much need for going above 3.0 Ghz. Its fine if you have 2.9Ghz~ for that game Tongue2
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Thanks so far for your replies Biggrin

well the question is, what CPU brings more power to my whole system AMD or Intel .. one big factor is the price of intel and amd .. amd is much more cheaper but i think intel would be more powerful, wouldnt it?

but to stay at my topic: i just do not want to change my system to x4 or x6 to be able to play pcsx2 at acceptable fps' .. there are more reasons e.g. playing later games at higher performance and so on ..

if i buy a new amd my favourites would be phenom 2 x4 @3,2GHz or phenom 2 x6 @ 2,8GHz .. and i dunno if i do need to change the graphics card then, too, or if my hd5570 gives enough power.

greets BiggrinBiggrin

EDIT: aaaaaaah @recoder: what do you mean with window power plan to high performance??
Yes Intel is more powerful and faster.

Yes change the windows power plan to High Performance. It utilizes 100% raw power of the PC.

As Said, Graphics Card is powerful and you don't need to change it.
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