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PCSX2 Launcher
PS2Launcher Build 883 - a tool for PCSX2 settings management.

Author: Mutronics (http://www.emu-land.net/forum/index.php?...le;u=17314)

Basic actions:
Entries creation:
Just run PCSX2 and set it up for your favorite game. After that run PS2 launcher and create a new entry for your game. All current PCSX2 settings will be copied for that entry and saved in the DB. Pressing START will restore current settings from selected profile and run PCSX2.

Profile editing:
Choose profile and press "Edit". You can change profile name and replace profile settings with current PCSX2 settings. Uncheck "Replace profile config. by current PCSX2 configuration" if you do not want to change profile configuration.

Extract all files into your PCSX2 root dir (where is PCSX2.exe located)

Lite version of PS2 Launcher r883 (without CF):
-> <N/A>
Full version of PS2 Launcher r883 (with CF):
-> <Download>
"Fixed" english language file:
-> <Download> (included into latest rev package)

Custom features (hacks):
Special custom features available only in latest revs (710-76x) and currently there is only one feature. It allows you to specify "skip" value for modified GSdx version. This value can be used for GoW2/tri-Ace games to remove some annoying bugs, like WallofFog/ghosting in GoW2 or ghosting in Radiata Stories. Note that it works only with modified GSdx plugins (included in Full version), I will separate links for clean PS2 Launcehr and for pack with modified GSdx plugins.
Also, see P.P.P.S.

[Build 883] Online-DB now really online :P
[Build 873] Changed registry routines, now, there shouldn't be any error (folder /cfgBase/reg can be deleted now, also, do not forget to update ISO path!)
[Build 873 ] Auto-update now works again
[Build 812] Added ability to change ISO via launcher
[Build 812] Added GSdx "pixoff_x", "pixoff_y" options
[Build 763] Added MSAA option for GSdx
[Build 760] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 710] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 710] Autoupdate and OnlineDB features are disabled (until new host will be found)
[Build 649] Updated English translation (by Lavos)
[Build 649] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 649] GSdx version autodetection (for DB)
[Build 649] Added ability to select a plugin for entry settings
[Build 649] Couple of bugfixes
[Build 605] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 604] HTTP-proxy support
[Build 594] Couple of fixes and updates
[Build 590] Added custom "Configure" dialog (just like in PCSX2, but all-in-one)
[Build 560] Added ability to run PCSX2 in fullscreen without configuring GSdx (only with modified one)
[Build 560] Completely fixed issue with taskbar
[Build 512] New feature - auto-update for the program itself
[Build 512] Now you can send feedback report
[Build 458] Some windows resizing fixes
[Build 458] Now you can see used speedhacks
[Build 458] Minor fixes, memleaks fixed as well
[Build 413] New OnlineDB!
[Build 395] Minor fixes
[Build 395] Added a way to run games from tray menu
[Build 395] Y,N replaced by checkboxes
[Build 351] Restructurized list of profiles and it's settings
[Build 351] Added a way to prevent run a copy of the launcher.
[Build 331] Multilanguage support - Kein
[Build 331] Some minor fixes
[Build 320] Changed function of PCSX2 executable selection - vad1990
[Build 320] Added "Do not request confirmation for restart"
[Build 320] New r752 cmd keys
[Build 320] Minor fixes
[Build 277] Now all new settings will be stored in cfgBase/ (automatically)
[Build 277] Added feature to hide PCSX2 window when started
[Build 208] Added feature to hide launcher into system tray
[Build 167] Added feature which allows to unload PCSX2 via Ctrl + Alt + U
[Build 167] Expert mode - Kein
[Build 167] Added "Close launcher right after PCSX2 start" - Ensight
[Build 65] Added "Run CD/DVD after pressing "Start"" - nisanis5

Important notes:
1. Do not forget to update settings if plugin name (dll-file name) was changed! You can change plugin name in Expert mode, pcsx2.ini.

Upcoming features:
-> any ideas?

P.S. New ideas for new features are welcome :P
P.P.S. No, I have no idea why Mutronics named it as PS2 Launcher
P.P.P.S. according to GPLv2, one can release modified binaries without patch/sources, but must provide them if user will ask. 2ForumMods: since global forum rules do not restrict modified binaries and Chatterbox section has no local rules - I guess links are valid and didn't broke any rule.

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Hopefully when they write the new wx interface they add in support for a games list with settings perhaps similar to dolphin or pj64.
Yeah, I hope so...
Cool program, i already saw somtheing like this here http://forums.ngemu.com/pcsx2-forum/1191...ing-2.html

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.rar   configsaver_nogui.rar (Size: 78,45 KB / Downloads: 327)
New version is out, now with online DB for game's settings. Tho it is not stable yet, I'll post link when it will be well-tested.
I used to use this, I wondered where I could find it agian, found it off some emu site. Nice program.
System Specs:

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ @ 2.20Ghz | 1 GB RAM | NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE 512MB | Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit

Ok, first post updated, build 512 is out. Note that english translation isn't yet finished for this build (one or two strings untranslated). I will do it later.
Also, if someone willing to fix my poor engrish translation - you're welcome Tongue
(04-08-2009, 10:50 AM)Kein Wrote: Also, if someone willing to fix my poor engrish translation - you're welcome Tongue

I don't see anything wrong with the translation but there is one sentence that is still in Russian and it's not on the ini file but on the dialog.Look at the lower left "Онлайн База"
Yeah, there is no language string for that atm. I will tell Mutronics to add this one.
Btw, here is the new english langfile for build 512: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9mcovq
Well-deserved bump for "Where is my cat?" and an all-around neat program.

In related news, I'm not entirely certain where my cat is.
"This thread should be closed immediately, it causes parallel imagination and multiprocess hallucination" --ardhi

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