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PCSX2 + Sandy Bridge
I'm curious to hear how the new sandy bridge processors handle pcsx2, specifically the i5-2500K. I'm also wondering if they support ssse3 and sse4 (even though im certain they do). Is overclocking needed for these cpu's to get max performance out of some games? I'm assuming that this chip would be a huge improvement from my phenom ii x4 955.

I've done a search around youtube and cannot seem to find any videos/gameplay. Also pardon me if this topic has already been done to death -_-

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It works excellent with PCSX2. Many games will reach max performance at stock. It has SSE4.2. It overclocks like a dream. It will make your Phenom II seem old.
I'm thinking of getting the same setup as you hehe

wow 4.9 ghz? @ what voltage?
Peaks at 1.392v. It starts taking much larger jumps of Vcore beyond 49x.
The impressive part is that these kind of result are common among different batches. On air cooling.
The Intel chip would be a good chunk faster in PCSX2 (as expected).
In many other applications the benefit will be quite small though.
The AMD is still kinda new after all Wink
I must say I was very impressd by the performance of sandy bridge. My brothers got the 2600K which probably performs near identically to the 2500K in terms of pcsx2. Even at stock speed it outperformed my E8400 by quite a bit even though Ive clocked mine to 3.6Ghz.

We tested on the game grandia 3 which my pc has some speed issues with, Since we both use win7 and have good gpus(good enough atleast) the diffrence in speed come almost entirly from the cpu. My pc plays grandia 3 at full speed most of the time but sometimes slows down to 35 fps, now on my brothers pc it never drops below fullspeed. Given how well it performs on stock speed and how easy it is to overclock, now is a good time to upgrade.
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That's a given since it is the newest and greatest. Computer tech always move forward, not backward.
Even my i5-M560 runs pretty well, once I figured out to use DX11 and SSE4.1. The Sandy Bridge... well, no kill like overkill, I say.

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