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PCSX2 and the integrated GPU'S !!
Hey There Everybody !! Tongue

i wanna ask if the integrated GPU 4200 Is good enough for pcxs2 or it will make a lot of issues and not a good solution ? Ohmy
anyone with experience with integrated gpu's and pcsx2 and other new games please help Blink

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I fear it'll not be a good experience, that GPU would be under spec even in the off board version (and dedicated VRAM).

Still the emulator is more CPU demanding than GPU once native resolution is kept, so you should post the complete specs for some less hard on the machine games may run at reasonable playability.
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It should be enough for native resolution, but also depends on what games you are playing.
By The Way the CPU is 3GHZ AMD athlon II X2 /2MB total Cache
2GB DDR3 RAM kingstone @1333MHZ
the best thing you can do is buy a real gpu (cause the rest of the pc is fine, except maybe a small OC on the cpu!) it will help in many other staff like pc gaming also... if its a laptop well... you cant buy one Tongue
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