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PCSX2 on next-gen ultrabooks
I'm eager to replace my monster 16-incher with something sleeker. Do you think with Haswell we'll see 13" ultrabooks that can run games full speed? Let's say 3ghz quads

From what I've gathered Intel's next integrated GPU will be especially impressive (supposedly matching a GT 650M), so I'm hopeful Intel can somehow pull this off.

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Well, it's hard to guess because intel hasn't been improving their cpu's much after Sandybridge came out and Haswell is also geared toward lower power consumption more over than performance increases.
3GHz quad on an ultrabook? yeah right.

Most of Haswell battery life improvement seems to mostly came from improved power state over significantly improved efficiency.
Reading a bit more into it, this does seem like a pipe dream. Although 3.2ghz dualcore may be possible... I wish we currently had some pcsx2 benches for ultrabooks
3GHz or more quad on a laptop is more than possible, just not on ultrabook, at least not yet.
Lower power consumption and improved iGPU = Haswell.
There should be a clock for clock improvement too though right? Since it's a new architecture and not a refresh. If it's anything like Nehalem > Sandy it'll be tough trying to hold out for Broadwell Biggrin

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