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PCSX2 running slow on my PC
Hi everybody, I wanted to ask how come PCSX2 is running slow during gameplay on my pc. I have a Core i3 3.20ghz, 4gb ram, Ati HD5670, running Win 7 64bit.

I've made the iso of one of my old PS2 games, started it and everything run smooth (50fps) on menus and intro, but when it comes to gameplay, it suddenly drops to 10fps or even less. Its unplayable.

Am i doing something wrong ? Or my pc just isnt powerful enough ? Or maybe is the game im playing thats not good ? I've made the iso with LCISOCreator.


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have you tried speedhacks? some games might run fullspeed on default config, other might not run at all or run poorly... by design PS2 games must run at the same refresh rate the locale TV standard (translated as FPS in PCSX2) but some games are easy on the machine where another might be a pain, in this they aren't different from PC games, each one require proper machine's minimal specifications.
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I'm a total noob, what is "speedhack" ? Is some additional software, or a feature of PCSX2 ?

Btw i forgot to say that the game i was using was NBA Street.
Try tinkering with the "Config" -> "Emulation Settings"

about that game I can't tell anything, to be honest I don't know for sure if it is the acronym for the basket league, boxing or something in the line. What I know from reports is these games use to be among the hardest on the emulation.
Imagination is where we are truly real
NBA Street is like NBA Jam, pretty much, so a basketball game. Im trying various options on speedhacks now, im getting an average of 35fps, but with heavy lags and sound problems.
EDIT: oh... i've just seen this thread:

Apparently these games dont run wells.

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