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will there eventually be a PS3 emu? I'm just curious if anybody is working on it.

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Of course there will be. Around 2030. Let's just wait patiently Tongue
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(06-19-2010, 09:12 AM)pedrosilvaa Wrote: Of course there will be. Around 2030. Let's just wait patiently Tongue

you cheeky Tongue
but really? how long til somebody can do it? there's already been an exploit found -->
there definetely will be one.
But do consider for a while the PS3 hardware and the PC hardware needed to run it properly.
There are still loads of PS2 games that get bottlenecked on many PCs.
It'd be nice indeed to have FF13 or Uncharted emulated on PC, but not with a 1 FPS rate Tongue
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218 GFLOPS are THE BEAST. Let's wait a couple of centuries until PC hardware can do that.
Now lets get back to the present shall we Laugh
PS2 Emu is still not fully fixed and youre talking about PS3 Emu.
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
One step at a time man. Before we even started pcsx2, we had to finish pcsx first. After we finish pcsx2, then we can start on pcsx3, which is in 20 years, unless you have a super computer that can run ps3 emulation
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If there is no major breakthrough in PC Hardware in the next years, I doubt there will be a PS3/360 emulator. You see, console architectures become more complicated over the time and thus emulation on another system is just way too time-intensive for programmers.
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its not just about hardware even if you had 1k cores all clocked at 1 tera ghz you wouldnt be able to emulate ps3. why? cause there are thousands of lines that must be written and lots of reverse engineering that must be done to make the emulator. that takes time, needs skills and some times it cant probably be done (except if sony makes the emulator which is something easier for them than anybody else)
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Even my hardware probably wouldn't even be able to get half the fps if that at all.
dual core/quadcore support wouldn't get near the power needed.
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