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PLZ Help Me Chinese Person Needed
hey guys i need help, Is there any chinese if here is i have work on him if he could Help me i will never forget his Help, any Person who understand Chinese can help me. actually the Problem is like that i want download 5 Files from a Chinese website but when i click on them they ask me to Register, i cant register and Download that 5 files Because i dont understand chinese.
The 5 Files Image;

[Image: bakwasss.png]

If some1 could download this 5 Files For me and gave it to me I will Never Forget this, PLZ I REALLY NEED THIS.

LANG: Chinese Simplified.
[Image: devilmaycry4wallpaper09.png]

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use google to translate it Smile (just put the url into the textbox Laugh)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Annex: UltBlade.rar (399 K) Downloads: 368
Annex: research Aurora sword V4_0.rar (342 K) Downloads: 177
Annex: research Aurora sword V4_1.rar (342 K) Downloads: 132
Annex: research Aurora sword V4_3BETA.rar (342 K) Downloads: 117
Annex: research Aurora sword V4_4a.rar (342 K) Downloads: 248
I will do it and give you a link in a sec.
Sorry dude, but you have to be invited to sighn up at that sight, I was 90% through and it ask for an invatashon code. If you dont have one you have to pay to sighn up at the sight.

Thanks Sothh
[Image: devilmaycry4wallpaper09.png]

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