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PS2 Component Audio
I'm not sure if there is a post with this topic already or not. If there is please direct to it. But anyway, I just got a Universal Component video pack from GameStop. I originally got it to replace my Xbox 360's AV Cable, which broke. But I noticed this also worked with PS2. So I have them both plugged in and I have all the cords plugged in right (Red, Blue, Green, Red, White on my TV). I turned on my PS2 and got video. It looked great compared to what I was using before. But I couldn't get any audio whatsoever. Once I saw the optical audio thing in the PS2 settings, and the optical audio port on the PS2, I figured I needed one for sound to work with my component cables. But before I go and buy this optical audio cable, I need to know: 1. Do I really need this cable for component? and 2. If not how do I get audio with my cables? My TV is a 32" Vizio Plasma TV.

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these are HD cables? just make sure they're inserted firmly, you should get sound fromthem, if not, try the SD cable version (red, yellow and white)
Well I tried making sure they were in firmly but that didn't help much. I'm not sure what the problem is because The Xbox 360 gets sound perfectly. I don't want to have to use the SD cables because I don't want to have to keep changing back and forth between the two (PS2 and Xbox 360) constantly. The Xbox 360 uses the red and white cables from the y,r,w cable set. If I stick the yellow cable into either of the red or white ones I get a buzzing sound, but I doubt that has anything to do with anything. So basically, will an optical audio cable fix the problem and let me have sound, or am I stuck with switching between Xbox and PS2? Also will the SD cables downgrade the picture quality from the Component cables and will it be any better than the DTV/TV input?
I found out that the SD cables (red, white, yellow) don't have sound either. I just don't get it. EDIT: I figured it out. It's because I had my Xbox and my PS2's AV cables plugged in at the same time. As soon as I unplugged the Xbox's Av cable, I got sound.

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