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PS2 Resolution
what is the resolution of Play Station 2? Not native but normal resolution. I mean the best resolution that is not stretched.
thanks in advance

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Here is link to resolutions that are available:

Standard PS2 reslolutions are PAL 720x576 & NTSC 720x480 (wich can be streched if prefered, it depends of options in BIOS of PS2 or in game options...)
But it can run also 1080i that is 1920x1080 (this is 16:9 wide ratio resolution)

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Each game uses a different resolution (native) tho, highest i've seen is a 640x512 but for a 512x448 game that'd already be stretching and causing glitches on some games if that's what you're asking.
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I noticed it too. I did however just change the resolution of the game. To 900x600 using Direct3D11 Hardware and without the widescreen patch. Also the window settings to standard (4:3). With the widescreen patch I used 1056x594/Widescreen(16:9). Antialiasing and Texture filtering did nothing to clear the ghosting, just the upscale resolution. Anything over 600p the ghosting effect is too much of an eyesore.
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