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PS2 disc files
Ok i didnt know where to post it and was curious. Instead of extracting an iso from my ps2 game i copied all the files from the disc into a folder. is it possible to use just these files to play the game.or do they need to be in iso format. i have goten the iso files to work fine with the new emulator and all just cant figure this way out. how do i put just these files into iso format and get them to work? i have alcohol120 and make an iso with it but that doesnt work.

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they need to be in iso format, or the other option is to use the disc itself, making sure to select the right drive in the plugin, althought it will make the emulation slower
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Many PS2 games use custom raw sector layouts for their files, and then use low-level CDVD reads to improve load time performance on the PS2. So in short: no, you can't play a PS2 game from the files from the CD, since you don't know where those files were actually indexed on the original CD.
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