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PS2 lens problem?
I've had this slimline PS2 for about 5 years now I think, and it's been working just fine until now. It has alot of trouble reading discs, and sometimes the disc does not even spin anymore, or it freezes, crashes in-game. Is this a lens issue? If so, can I just use a cd/dvd cleaner or is it something worse?
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hard to tell, if disc doesnt spin then its bad, usualy you could just replace old laser with new one if you only would get "disc reading errors", but if disc doesnt spin then it means something else got broken...
But its common knowledge that ps2 gets alot of disc reading errors, so people should get "insurance" so this problem wouldnt strike at them.
There are several ways of running games without the need to the disc drive in ps2, but all of those require modded console.
-you could connect an IDE drive and run games with a homebrew application like open ps2 loader, but it requires soldiering the drive to your PS2 and its not possible in every console
-you could connect your PC to your PS2 with ethernet cable and run games directly from your PC harddrive
-you could connect an USB disc or memory stick to your PS2 and run games from there

from those three only the second one is actualy good, because data transfer from IDE drive is the biggest, while usb and ehternet data transfer is around 500kb/s, you can play games with it but most cinematics would "stutter" and you would get slow loading times.
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Edit: I'm not really looking forward to modding/hacking the console :o Sorry.
And sometimes the disc will spin, just not all the time. You sure a lens cleaner won't help?
Theory and logic say yes, but life says no.
Sorry for the bump, but I just found out that it might be a motor problem :/
Something about the lens only spinning halfway/ enough to read the disc and not play it. For example, in FFX, loading takes much longer. Some dialougue would not appear, or then randomly play when the disc starts spinning again. Same with battles, the battle whoosh would stay on screen for about 2 minutes, then start. Commands won't register until after 2 minutes or so. And sometimes the game won't even start. No disc read errors, so I'm guessing it's worse :/ Since my ps2 is way out of warrenty, do you advise to open it?
Theory and logic say yes, but life says no.
why not... open it and try cleaning it good (careful with the lens, use something "soft" and do it gently)
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